Duck Hunting New Zealand

Waterfowl Hunting - Guided Duck Hunts

For the duck hunting trip of a lifetime, make Riverview Lodge your first choice destination in New Zealand.

Duck hunting guides provide private hunts for New Zealand waterfowl, including the beautiful Paradise Duck, endemic to New Zealand, plus New Zealand Grey, Mallard and Spoonbill ducks. The Black Swan can be another option if you are a trophy bird collector.

Riverview Lodge specializes in intimate hunting parties of 3-4 hunters and their partners if they desire. There are many activities for the non hunter in the alpine spa resort town of Hanmer Springs and the lodge has a dedicated partners program available. (See Activities page).

Riverview Lodge employs a private chef for each party who specialises in preparing your game if desired.

Owner John Gemmell, has a great passion for duck hunting as he has been doing it all his life & holds a vast amount of waterfowl experience & knowledge. 

John has secured some really good waters on approximately 20 different properties, within 30-60 minutes drive from Riverview Lodge.

It is legal to bait ponds in New Zealand and most seasons John feeds out bags of grain, which in turn helps hold the birds. It is legal to shoot 5 shot automatics in New Zealand. An average wing shot should get around 15 ducks per day.

When hunting, Mallards, Greys and Spoonbills, clients shoot mornings and evenings.  Whereas hunting Paradise Ducks are day shoots.

The Black Swan hunt (for the Bird Collector) takes place close to Christchurch and this requests need to be made at the time of reservation to arrange for this.

Most hunting slots range from 3 to 5 days & can accommodate an R&R period which makes for a pleasurable week. Riverview Lodge operate on a limited number of waterfowl hunts per season. This allows our areas not be over hunted and ensures good shooting for our clients.

Package inclusion

  • Met and transfers from Christchurch airport to Riverview Lodge return.
  • Professional Guiding.
  • Hunting licenses.
  • Accommodation - individual private rooms with own bathroom.
  • All meals including beer and house wine, (other wines available).


  • Ammunition is not included but is able to be purchased at Riverview Lodge at the going market rate, ie $14US lead and $18 US Steel 3 inch.


  • As already stated, non-hunters are welcome to accompany hunters - see Activities page for Partners Program.


Riverview Lodge has 12 gauge Beretta Ereka automatic shotguns and two 20 gauge Beretta's on hand for clients to hire.


We use an experienced and reliable taxidermist in Christchurch to arrange permits, customs and expedite waterfowl trophies for you if desired.

The Paradise Duck / putakitaki ' putangitangi

The paradise shelduck is New Zealand's only shelduck. Unusually for ducks, the female paradise shelduck is more eye-catching than the male; females have a pure white head and chestnut-coloured body, while males hae a dark grey body and black head. They are commonly observed flying in pairs or grazing on pasture. They are very vocal birds, with males giving a characteristic 'zonk, zonk', while females make a more shrill 'zeek, zeek' while flying or as a warning to intruders. Paradise shelducks feed on grass, clover, aquatic vegetation and crops of peas or grain.

The Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) - For the Collector.

In 1864, the Australian Black Swan was introduced to New Zealand as an ornamental waterfowl however they have also naturally flown to New Zealand. Leading scientists consider them a self-introduced native rather than exotic species. With it's long neck, the black swan is New Zealand's largest wetland bird. On the water, it appears all black with a bright red bill; however in flight the bird shows white wing margins.

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