Guided Fly Fishing - South Island, New Zealand

Fish for Trophy NZ Brown Trout with our Professional Guides

Meet Our Guides

John Gemmell

John Gemmell

John had a vision and wanted to incorporate his love for the outdoors into a business, which he has successfully done. John has been guiding for 25+ years now, knows his rivers like no others, and with eyes like a hawk he sources out the trout and gives you the challenge and exhilarating fly fishing experience you came for.

Nic Robertson

Nic Robertson

Nic returned home to New Zealand as he missed the trout fishing so much!

Needless to say he has a great passion for the outdoors, enthusiastic about meeting people and patience in guiding them to meet the challenge of catching the wise ol' browns.


Matt McClintock

Matt McClintock

Matt is another great outdoors man, young, fit, keen and professional.

Matt is a born and bred Kiwi, who spends his time guiding after the brown trout for Riverview Lodge, during his summer months in New Zealand, and Big Game Guiding in British Columbia in their Fall.

Jeremy Poulter

Jeremy Poulter

I have been fly fishing for just over 20 years. My Grandfather taught me to fly fish as a youngster, and as a child I had many wonderful experiences fishing lakes and rivers. I am married to Susan, and we have an Australian Terrier named Macy. I enjoy a good espresso or craft beer, mountain biking, gardening at home, but my real passion is fly fishing and the outdoors.


About Us

Riverview Lodge is located in the heartland of some of these large trophy Brown Trout. If you will allow, we boast to have guided clients to some of the largest Brown Trout in New Zealand. Nowadays fish average 5-6 pounds but every season still some 10+ pound fish are caught – every anglers dream of a lifetime.

New Zealand Fly fishing guides have the reputation of providing unparalleled fly fishing adventures. At Riverview Lodge we combine that with luxury and comfortable fishing lodge accommodation. Non anglers are welcome to accompany their partners, either on the river or in the Alpine Village of Hanmer Springs, which offers many other activities to ensure they also have a wonderful holiday/vacation. (Refer to our Activities page).

Guided fly fishing for large, wild Brown Trout is done on a daily basis in a variety of locations. Travelling by vehicle or helicopter, ensures an exciting day in beautiful remote scenery, and with every opportunity to outwit the smart New Zealand Brown Trout and to capture it on camera. Riverview Lodge adheres to the Catch and Release principal.

Our fly fishing guides are experienced and professional. All have a lifetime of knowledge, and are enthusiastic and passionate about the environment and conservation of our wonderful, wild brown trout. With the expertise of your guide's knowledge, the aid of Polaroid glasses, and then your presentation of a selected dry fly, or nymph, fishing is both exhilarating and testing.

Brown trout are predatory fish. In slow-moving pools, they cruise looking for food. In flowing water they tend to face upstream, feeding on drifting aquatic insects. Often our mountain waters are crystal clear and so one of the main challenges is for your guide to see the brown trout before it sees him or you. Brown trout immediately seek cover if they see movement on the riverbank. Your guide goes ahead of you, finds the fish, then points it out to you. With additional aid of his experience and knowledge in deciding how to cast to this particular fish, the fun and challenge is for you to outsmart it with your fly or nymph. Strike! - Hey bingo!



Deposit Requirements -

To secure a booking 50% deposit is required. 

Total payment to be paid within 60 days of arrival.

Cancellation Policy

Within 90 days of arrival - 25% cancellation fee 

Within 60 days of arrival - 50% cancellation fee

Within 30 days of arrival - 100% cancellation fee

No refunds on early departures

We highly recommend you obtaining travel insurance to cover any cancellation fees 


Check in 2.00pm onwards

Check out approximately 10.00am  


Package Rates

*Double Occupancy Spring
1st Nov-14th Dec
15th Dec- 14th Mar
15th March - 7th April
2 night/1 day guided fishing package NZ$2915 NZD$3295  NZD$2915
3 night/2 days guided fishing package NZ$4770 NZD$5340  NZD$4770
4 night/3 days guided fishing package NZ$6625 NZD$7385  NZD$6625
5 night/4 days guided fishing package NZ$8480 NZD$9430  NZD$8480
6 night/5 days guided fishing package NZ$10335 NZD$11475  NZD$10335
7 night/6 days guided fishing package NZ$12190 NZD$13520  NZD$12190
*Single Occupancy Spring
1st Nov-14th Dec
15th Dec- 14th Mar
15th March - 7th April
2 night/1 day guided fishing package NZ$2185 NZD$2245  NZD$2185
3 night/2 days guided fishing package NZ$3675 NZD$3765  NZD$3675
4 night/3 days guided fishing package NZ$5165 NZD$5285  NZD$5165
5 night/4 days guided fishing package NZ$6655 NZD$6805  NZD$6655
6 night/5 days guided fishing package NZ$8145 NZD$8325  NZD$8145
7 night/6 days guided fishing package NZ$9635 NZD$9845  NZD$9635


We recommend

  • natural coloured clothing
  • good quality polarised sun or prescription glasses.
  • wide brimmed hat or baseball cap
  • good quality dull coloured hooded rain jacket
  • polypropylene tights, lightweight shorts and gaters.......... if you prefer to wade wet
  • otherwise light weight waders
  • your own comfortable rubber soled boots

Riverview Lodge holds most sizes of waders and boots for your use if you prefer.


Fishing Equipment

  • sage green or brown line - weight forward
  • long leaders and fine tippet
  • 6 or 7 weight rod (Rods can be loaded with one size bigger line)

The Guides carry some flies, and most american patterns work well here.

DRY - Size 12-16

  • Cicades, Royal Wulff, Parachute Adams

NYMPHS  - Size 12-16

  • Hare & Copper, Pheasant tail, 
  • Nymphs should be tied with tungston bead heads or have lead in them.


I found John to be outstanding and I can tell you that I learned more from this man in 2 days on the river than I have been able to teach myself over the past 20+ years of fly fishing. I affectionately refer to him now as the "Fish Whisperer".  GLS

Thank you so much for the terrific fishing trip. We enjoyed your hospitality and great food. The 8lb Brown I caught will be the talk of California!
Bonnie & Bill Volkman, CA. USA.

I cannot even begin to thank you for the hospitality you've shown me.  I dont know how I can go back to the small fish in the States!   Thank you  
Mark Kershner, Colorado, USA

Many thanks for the great fishing, great food and wine and warm hospitality, not to mention the spectacular view.  I hope to return!  
Robert K Johnson, New York USA