Fly Fishing Equipment Tips for New Zealand Waters

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Due to New Zealand's typography & climate it is important to consider the following fly fishing equipment tips when planning your trip

1. What fly fishing rod type should I bring to New Zealand?
We recommend a stiff rod that has a bit of "guts" in it & can the handle wind i.e. Sage. Preferably within the 6 or 7 weight range. A 6 weight rod loaded with a 7 weight line is generally a good combination.

2. What colour fly line is best suited to New Zealand waters?
Ideally a 7 weight olive green, grey or brown fishing line is recommended. This is necessary for blending in with the environment. A bright pink, orange etc line will generally put the trout down if they see it.

3. What configuration should your fly line be?
Your fly line should be of weight forward configuration to make casting easier especially when rolling out the leader.

4. What type of nymphs & dry flies work best in New Zealand?
Most American patterns work in New Zealand. However we do advise that nymphs should be weighted (tied with a bit of lead). Most guides carry a reasonable selection of nymphs & dry flies for clients.

5. How important is casting accuracy?
You can have all the right equipment in the world but in our opinion it only makes up 20% of the fly fishing equation. The other 80% is the ability to load your rod & present a fly with reasonable accuracy. Practice is highly recommended.

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