Fly Fishing Travel Tips for New Zealand

Steve Binnick2 008

Here are our top fly fishing travel tips for booking your holiday to New Zealand.


1. Engage Local Knowledge

Every river fishes differently & no one knows a river like the local guides in that region. By engaging with a local guide you can save yourself a lot of time & effort by locating the right spots as oppose to searching the river for hours on end.

2. Practice Your Cast Prior to Your Visit

The last thing you want to be doing is wasting your holiday getting your cast right. If you practice in the lead up to your fishing holiday you can hit the ground running & head straight to the river to catch those wiley trout. If you're a beginner, why not take a couple of lessons from an instructor before you arrive?

3. Pack Weighted Nymphs (Size 12-16)

New Zealand rivers are usually quite swift to catch trout in. You will need something heavy to get down to the trouts level quickly.  Dull coloured floating lines in dark brown or green seem to work a lot better than lines in white or yellow colour range. Polarized glasses are also a must when fly fishing in New Zealand.

4. Pack a Sage Rod

These fishing rods work well in New Zealand because they are stiff which helps with any wind factor you might encounter.

5. Purchase your Fly Fishing Licence Online

It is now possible to purchase your licence online. It is simple, easy & means you spend more time fly fishing on the river. Check out


We hope this helps your fly fishing travel plans. Good luck!